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High-Quality Product

Grown with Love & Care

After having been witness first-hand to the inadequate treatment of medical marijuana patients in Colorado, two "red card" recipients started Kind Meds in 2009 with a people-over-profit philosophy implemented to provide the best patient care in the state of Colorado. Over the past 9 years, Kind Meds has established a care model that ensures medical patients are receiving the highest quality cannabis, the information pertinent to their condition and symptoms, and which medicinal products will be the most effective in helping them to feel better. After all, nothing is more important than that we feel good.

At Kind Meds, we understand that without our patients the medical marijuana industry would not exist. With this understanding, we have created an experience that will be clear to our patients from the moment they walk through the door. Our intimate storefront is entirely owned and operated by women, and we are dedicated to spending as much time as each individual patient may need, advising the patient of the medicinal properties of the dozens of top-quality strains that we carry. Every patient receives one-on-one attention at the bud bar from one of our elite staff members, whom are educated, experienced, and able to thoroughly describe our growth and harvesting processes, while providing thoughtful recommendations for the best cannabis to treat your particular medical needs.

Come visit us at Kind Meds and experience the difference yourself.

We look forward to serving you!

Always Affordable

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